Choosing the right hairstyle

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Choosing the right hairstyle

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Choosing a new hairstyle can be stressful. You may be confused about what looks best, or you may simply want to try something different.  That is why we want to help you at your favourite #hairsalonsydney Travis George Hair Camperdown.

Always make sure that your hair stylist knows your hair and has a good instinctual feel for what will and won’t look good. If you have a good grasp on what shape your face is, you will be better able to communicate the kind of style you are looking for.

A good rule of thumb is that you should try to achieve an oval face shape with your hairstyle, which is a balanced and pleasing shape for the human eye.

Round Faces

Round faces have round, soft jaw lines, cylindrical faces, and tall, round cheekbones.

  • The best hairstyle for a round face is one that provides balance.
  • Don’t go for full, round hairstyles that make your face look rounder.
  • Try parting your hair on the side, or adding waves or layers to minimise the circular shape of your face.
  • Height at the crown of the head will give the illusion that you have a thinner or narrower face shape.
  • Focus on achieving a square shape with your cut and style.
  • If you want a fringe then be sure sweep it to the side. If you have a fringe that stop straight at the nose it will create a rounder effect.

Square Faces

The best style for a square face is one that adds curves to your face.

  • Add volume on top to round out your face and consider curls or waves to soften the angles.
  • To create a softer jawline, wispy hair across the face is optimal.
  • Think sleek and avoid anything that cuts off at your chin or jaw.  This will highlight sharp angles of the jaw.
  • If you want a long, straight hairstyle, ensure that it is full bodied.  Volume is the key.
  • Aim for styles that have volume at the crown area

Long Faces

The best hairstyle for a long face provides balance and makes the face appear a little shorter.  To achieve this:

  • Add layers to your hair to provide additional balance.
  • Try wearing your hair forward.
  • A fringe may help shorten the appearance of your face.
  • Avoid cutting your hair too short (or growing it too long), as it will disrupt the balance.
  • Medium length hair is most suited to this face shape.

Oval Faces

The best hairstyle for an oval face is hard to define, because oval shapes are by far the most flexible. People with Oval Faces can wear almost any hairstyle.

  • Long, short, straight, wavy, or curly hair suits oval faces.
  • Try to avoid styles that hang over your face.
  • You can choose to place layers near any facial feature you would like to highlight (e.g. lips, chin, cheeks).
  • Focus on your personality and your unique facial features.

At #travisgeorgehaircamperdown we want you to know that your face shape isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyle, but knowing what suits your face shape can help. Other things you should consider include your personality, and what kind of effort you are willing to put into styling your hair every day.

These guidelines can help to narrow your options before you walk into your #sydneyhairsalon but if you are still hesitating, discuss the possibilities with a stylist at #travisgeorgehaircamperdown today.

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