Choosing Sulfate Free Products

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October 7, 2014
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Choosing Sulfate Free Products

Why you should choose Sulfate Free Hair Products.

You want your hair to be beautiful, shiny and healthy.  What you may not know is that there are chemicals in your shampoo that may be hurting your hair.  This is why you should consider making the switch Sulfate Free products today.

What is your shampoo doing to your hair?

Many shampoos and conditioners that you find at #hairsalonsinsydney are formulated with sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth ether sulfate. These chemicals contain salt and other harmful additives that dry out the protective layer that keeps your hair looking its best. They can also cause irreparable harm to your scalp. The sodium levels in these shampoos and conditioners will dry out your skin and parch those silky locks of yours.  They can also eat away at the natural fats which moisturise your skin and hair. Chemical rich shampoos and conditioners often coat your hair with plastic silicone, a synthetic substance that is actually doing your hair more harm than good.  That is why we swear by our Sulfate Free Range Qaba at #travisgeorgehaircamperdown.


Why do hair products contain these harmful chemicals?

The compounds in sulfate strip away dirt and oil, which means they will leave your hair squeaky clean. However, your body produces natural oils which keep your skin and hair healthy and the chemicals in your shampoo often strip those oils.

The thick foam that we enjoy when we shampoo our hair is also a result of the sulfates.  Consumers have become accustomed to thick suds and associate that with soap working hard to make the hair clean.  What many don’t realise is that it takes chemicals to create the suds and those sulfates aren’t doing the hair any favours. You can get your hair just as clean with a sulfate free shampoo that doesn’t foam as strongly.


Is there an alternative?

Those who suffer from dry skin and other skin conditions have known the benefits of sulfate free hair products for years. Natural hair products leave the hair and skin’s natural oils alone while still making the hair soft and silky.

Sulfate Free Hair Products, like those produced by Qaba and stocked at leading #hairsalonsofsydney, will leave the hair clean, fresh and healthier than ever. Qaba takes a new approach to hair products.  Not only are they 100% Sulfate Free, they are 100% Natural.

The world bombards you with chemicals and toxins every day. Why add more junk into the mix voluntarily? You can control what you put on and into your body and organic hair products are a great way to start making yourself healthier.

Trust the team at #travisgeorgehaircamperdown and consider switching to Sulfate Free Hair Products.  We promised you won’t be disappointed.