Extending the life of your hair colour

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October 7, 2014
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October 7, 2014
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Extending the life of your hair colour

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Leaving your favourite #sydneyhairsalon with a new hair colour can make you feel like a million dollars.  However, that feeling can quickly fade along with the colour of your hair.

Various culprits contribute to fading colour, but the good news is #travisgeorgehaircamperdown want to share some hints with you that will assist you in ensuring your new shade makes it to your next visit.

One culprit to otherwise beautifully coloured hair, is exposure to everyday elements such as the sun and water. UV rays can penetrate the hair, zapping the tresses of their radiant hues.  Water, heat and chlorine can also be damaging, as they slowly chip away at the highlights.

At #travisgeorgehaircamperdown we understand that you can’t stay indoors all day to avoid the elements but you can fight back by using products that protect your hair.

<Insert a product name here> is one such combatant. It is designed to address environmental factors that contribute to colour fading and works to remove mineral deposits from the hair, finishing with a protective coating to prevent further damage. The produce is specifically designed to repair hair after being exposed to the sun and it contains a patented UV filter that helps counteract any damage accumulated during the day.

After shampooing, you can continue to protect your hair with a colour sealer such <insert Product name here> or a mask such as <insert product name here>. Either one will work towards providing your hair with added shine and damage control.

All these efforts combined, your new hair colour should last until your next visit to your favourite #sydneyhairsalon #travisgeorgehaircamperdown