How to Best Manage Human Hair Extensions

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October 7, 2014
May 5, 2016
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How to Best Manage Human Hair Extensions

How to Best Manage Human Hair Extensions

Skin Human Hair Extensions look and feel completely natural and can be a great way of adding volume and length to your hair. If you are tired of trying to grow you hair out, the Skin Human Hair Extensions at #sydneyhumanhairextensions are a perfect solution.

However, in order to keep your Human Hair Extensions looking their best, the team at #sydneyhumanhairextensions have some Hair Extension Care Tips.

Remember, managing your Skin Human Hair Extensions will keep them looking better and will ensure that they last much longer.

Here are the best ways to care for your Skin Human Hair Extensions:

How Often Should You Wash Them?

You should treat Skin Human Hair Extensions much like your natural hair. This means that they need to be washed regularly but you have to avoid over washing. You should avoid washing your Human Hair Extensions more than 3 times per week. This will ensure that your Hair Extensions stay moisturised but do not dry out too quickly.

What about Deep Conditioning?

It is essential that you deep condition your Skin Human Hair Extensions once a week. This can be done by applying an Intense Moisturising Treatment to the Hair Extensions.  It is recommended that the treatment is left on the extensions for approximately 20 minutes before rinsing and allow to air dry. Make sure not to blow dry your human hair extensions, because that can cause unnecessary damage.

Use a Heat Protectant

If you do choose to use heat styling tools on your Human Hair Extensions, you must remember to first apply some type of high quality heat protectant. A heat protectant will shield your Hair Extensions from dame and keep them from becoming brittle. Extending the life span of your Human Hair Extensions is all about the products that you choose to use.

Be Gentle

It is also important to remember that even though your Skin Human Hair Extensions may look incredibly natural, but they must be handled with care. This means that when you are shampooing your Hair Extensions you should make an effort to not be overly rough and treat your Human Hair Extensions with the utmost care.

If you would like more advice, phone the team at the expert #sydneyhairextensions salon #sydneyhumanhairextensions on (02) 9565 5551.